Share Paper: Online Discussions: Exploring Levels of Participation and Critical Thinking in Online and Blended class

  1. Hui-wen Tu, Berkeley College, United States
  2. Gregory Hotchkiss, Berkeley College, United States
Wednesday, June 26 12:00 PM-1:00 PM De Dam 2

Abstract: Abstract Online discussion, as a component of online and/or blended courses, allows students to have an informative conversation with their instructors and peers. Discussion forums may also serve a less academic purpose for students’ attendance verification. However, discussion forums sometimes fail from lack of interest, nonparticipation, or evidence of well-informed critical thinking. To explore the causes of low participation rates, the researchers examined the purpose and functions of discussion in online and blended classes. In addition to an administrative use of online discussion for attendance verification, the presenters propose a methodology to encourage student interest, engagement and learning with online ...