Share Paper: Technology in Blended-learning/Online Education in Two Degree Programs at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) - Master of Educational Leadership from TAMK and Master’s in Education Entrepreneurship from OAMK.

  1. Anita Walasiewicz, Tampere University of Applied Science (TAMK), Netherlands
  2. Heidi Ylitie, Tampere University of Applied Science (TAMK), Finland

Abstract: Increasing number of universities offer online and blended-learning programs, which require an effective technology-enhanced learning (TEL) strategy. This paper focuses on adult learners and their experiences with educational technology within two examples Master’s degree programs. Furthermore, this document presents brief findings of the digital technology used into online classroom practices in two blended-learning Master’s Degree programs at Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland. The authors are 2nd year students of Master of Educational Leadership program in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Qualitative method of data gathering (interviews) was used to collect the information from students of both courses, Master ...