Share Paper: A Journey Through Instructional Design and Development: Engagement and Partnership through Story-Based Communication

  1. Madalina Tincu, University of Northern Iowa, United States
Thursday, June 27 4:30 PM-5:30 PM Koepelkerk Balcony

Abstract: The partnership that occurs between instructors/SME and instructional designer/developer (ID) sets the foundation of the thinking about and application of the design/development and functionality of the course content following quality standards for online learning (such as Quality Matters philosophy and rubric) and it requires both pedagogical and technical expertise (Caplan & Graham, 2004). Therefore, in this presentation, the definitions of Instructional Design and Instructional Development are based are based on the unique professional,theoretical, practical and diverse background of the instructional designer/developer. As instructors/SME and ID collaborate in the process of course development, they embark on a journey supported by a ...