Share Paper: Thinking like a trainer, acting like a programmer

  1. Ricardo Almeida, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  2. Teresa Pessoa, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  3. Anabela Gomes, Coimbra Polytechnic - ISEC, Portugal
Thursday, June 27 11:15-11:45 AM Oost

Abstract: This Paper presents a three-year study that aims to identify the potential of using simple basis coding software in higher education, in courses related with technology. It intends to explore Scratch as an important tool in professional initiation for young educators, and the possible benefits of integrating this software. Our investigation proposal involves Kirkpatrick evaluation model through the reaction (level I), learning (level II), behaviour (level III) and results (level IV), with training modules of computational thinking in high school students, through different stages. The present work focus on the first stage - “Reaction” - describing two different training modules ...