Wednesday, July 7
5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Room 7

From Verbal to Visual: Instagram (IG) as an Assessment Tool in Higher Education

Workshop (Live Presentation) ID: 58997
  1. aaa
    Jorge Reyna
    The Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologist (RANZCO)

Abstract: Instagram (IG) is a mobile application where users share photos and videos with the worldwide community without boundaries. Although IG is considered a new platform operating for a decade, it has more than a billion users globally. Young generations utilise IG to communicate with other users by creating digital media artifacts such as images, animations, and short videos. A recent literature review on IG in higher education identified its use in embryonic stages with a lack of solid theoretical foundations to guide its implementation in the classroom. There is a lack of rigorous studies conducted on IG use and value for student learning. A potential to use IG in higher education could promote student co-creation of knowledge by sharing learning objects with their peers. This workshop aims to propose an evidence-based approach to implement IG in the classroom based on the #InstaLearn framework to guide systematic implementation in higher education. Participants will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of IG, design a learning activity, discuss an evaluation approach, and reflect on the importance of mobile applications in the classroom to engage the new generation of students.


1. Evaluate the potential of IG mobile application as an assessment tool in the classroom 2. Discuss the #InstaLearn framework to guide assessment design, deployment, evaluation and improvement 3. Design a learning activity to engage students using Instagram in the classroom 4. Reflect on the importance to incorporate mobile applications in the classroom to enhance the student learning experience.

Topical Outline

IG application (60 min) What is Instagram? What are the benefits of using IG? (group discussion) What are the drawbacks of using IG? (group discussion) How is IG used in educational settings? What are the research gaps using IG in the classroom? How can we use IG in higher education in the post COVID era? (general discussion) #InstaLearn framework (60 min) Break (10 min) Why is a framework required to implement IG in the classroom? (general discussion) What are the pedagogical approaches of the framework? (general discussion) How could IG functionality enable its use in education? How to design an activity using IG? How to assess students with IG? How to evaluate the intervention? Break (10 min) IG in action (30 min) Design and present an assessment task using IG (group work) Reflective exercise (15 min) How could you embed IG in your current practice? (General discussion) What is next? And wrap up (15 min) The facilitator will provide learning resources two weeks in advance for participants to prepare for the workshop.


This workshop is targeted at academics and educational designers. It will be ideal to have teaching experience or experience designing technology-enhanced learning.

Experience Level



- PhD in Science Education - Digital media for learning Scholar - Fifteen years of experience in educational technology implementation - Five years experience as academic teaching science subjects, foundations in teaching and learning and digital media - Researcher with more than 80 publications in educational technology including peer-reviewed journals, - book chapters, peer-reviewed conference papers, industry magazines, blogs, etc. - Previously run a successful workshop of designing effective courseware material at EdMedia - Experience running interactive and engaging workshops using the Zoom platform.


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