Add item to your planner: Scheduled Event: Workshop: The G3 of Writing and Publishing Tips: Gentle Guidelines, Great Stories, and Gigantic Scholarly Gains (F2F)
June 23, 2022
9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Curtis Bonk, Indiana University and Meina Zhu, Wayne State University. Abstract: Journal outlets in the field of online and distance learning are exploding. Yet, the first few years as a researcher, faculty member, graduate student, and scholar can be overwhelming. Your first priority might be preparing lecture notes and new courses and then getting a research program initiated with new grants and projects. In response, this session will offer a wealth of suggestions and insights on organizing research teams, revising articles, corresponding with journal editors, and finding and selecting the appropriate dissemination outlet. In effect, this session offers a practical set of advice and insights into the processes and structures of writing that will help establish an academic writing program and lead one to a series of writing successes. While today writing can be conducted just about anywhere, successful academic writers often find that creating a designated writing space – both physically and digitally – can be helpful in orienting the mind to begin, progress, and ultimately complete an assortment of academic writing projects. In this session, the presenters will journey through stories about their own personal writing spaces, describing key elements of the writer’s desk that contribute to inspiration, motivation, and organization for academic writing. They will also discuss the writing habits and strategies that they typically employ to create highly attuned spaces for writing amongst competing scholarly and personal demands. Presenters: Educational technologist Curtis J. Bonk is the author of nearly 400 publications and has given close to 2,000 talks around the world. He is a former software entrepreneur, certified public accountant, corporate controller, and educational psychologist, and currently is an award-winning writer, highly published researcher, an awardee in innovative teaching with technology, and an internationally acclaimed presenter. A professor in the School of Education and at Indiana University (IU). In 2020, he was awarded the IU President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Technology — and in 2021, Curt Bonk received the David H. Jonassen Excellence in Research Award. In April 2022, AERA named him a 2022 AERA Fellow for his exceptional contributions to, and excellence in, education research. Curt can be found at and reached at Meina Zhu is an assistant professor in the Learning Design and Technology program at Wayne State University’s College of Education. With research interests that include online education, MOOCs, self-directed learning, STEM education and learning analytics, she has published extensively such as BJET, IRRODL, DE, OLJ, and the Internet and Higher Education. Meina received her PhD in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University Bloomington. She has taught courses in interactive course design, user experience design for learning, mobile learning, and serious games.