Share Paper: On the Use of Cellular Phones in a Large Class for Activating Students' Participation

  1. Yaeko Nakanishi, Dokkyo University, Japan
  2. Satoshi Wada, Dokkyo University, Japan
  3. Lumi Tatsuta, Dokkyo University, Japan
  4. Niel Jost, Dokkyo University, Japan
Wednesday, October 26 5:30 PM-7:30 PM Grand Ballroom

Abstract: This research presents the results of empirical studies of utilizing cellular phones in a large class. Very recently, a few researches have been carried out with regard to the utilization of cellular phones for improving the class management (Kawashima, 2004, Wada,2004, Ando, 2003, Takeyama,2002). These researches indicate positive results of the empirical studies in general. The purposes of our current research are to find out if this system of using cellular phones in a large class is duly applicable to any sort of lecture class regardless its content, and to check whether the system is technically easy enough to use ...