Share Paper: How to enhance a Learning Management System with ePortfolio capabilities

  1. Stefan Kurz, University Passau, Germany
  2. Rudolf Kammerl, University Passau, Germany
  3. Werner Heinrich, University Passau, Germany
Friday, November 21 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Royale 3

Abstract: Abstract: Regarding the set up of current university e-learning infrastructures, a course and learning management system (LMS) often works as a major component to provide basic e-learning functionalities as well as to assist universities in administrative issues. Moreover, university e-learning offerings are currently extended by introducing e-portfolio capabilities to support students in documenting and presenting their individual learning activities. In this paper, we present an integrated approach: we propose an e-portfolio system that is not only part of a LMS, but also uses functionality of the LMS as a source as well as a target of its own functionality. Thus, ...