Share Paper: The Core of a Semiotic Laboratory

  1. Paulo Miguel, UNICAMP-University of Campinas, Brazil
  2. Gilmar Barreto, UNICAMP-University of Campinas, Brazil
Friday, November 21 2:00-2:30 PM Royale 3

Abstract: This paper describes a reference for an e-learning software design implementation. It can be used in education of chemical subjects as well as electrical, mechanical, clinical engineering and others. The highlight is a virtual prototype supported by a mathematical scrolling process. The project describes a stack of implementation with a tri-dimensional schematic diagram. Using a top down approach, we can see some possible steps from theory to physical simulation and tests. Meanwhile, in each section we have different resources to describe methods, parts and systems, the processes, the components, the equipments, some input and output devices and others. By defining ...