Share Paper: Blended Project-Based Learning with Use of eMath Tools

  1. Jasmine, Ah Hong Tey, HWA CHONG INSTITUTION, Singapore
  2. Choon-Cheng Ang, HWA CHONG INSTITUTION, Singapore
  3. Keng-Peng Khoo, HWA CHONG INSTITUTION, Singapore
Friday, November 21 2:45 PM-3:05 PM Capri 114

Abstract: This paper presents the first two phases of design-based research approach adopted for the proposed study on a blended project-based learning environment with the use of Web 2.0 and dynamic mathematics software. The software is used as tools to stimulate independent learning and enhance the level of student engagement in the learning of mathematics in relation to their daily applications. The proposed study aims to address the problem that most students adopt an “achieving or strategic approach” in their mathematics learning, in which the motivation is solely to obtain good grades. This paper concludes with a proposed solution and intervention ...