Remembrance Agent: A New Type of Pedagogical Agent in Educational Game

ID: 27538 Type: Full Paper
  1. Huiliang Zhang, School of Computer Engineering, NTU, Singapore
  2. Zhiqi Shen, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineer, NTU, Singapore
  3. Xuehong Tao, School of Communication and Information, NTU, Singapore
  4. Chunyan Miao, School of Computer Engineering, NTU, Singapore

Thursday, October 29 2:00-2:30 PM Location: Grand Ballroom C

Presider: Reuben Dlamini, Ohio University, United States

Abstract: Many pedagogical agents have been designed and successfully applied in educational games, such as learning companions, tutor agents or other kinds of intelligent agents. Most agents work in a traditional way to teach or guide the players by directly transferring knowledge to players. In this paper, we introduce a new type of pedagogical agent: remembrance agent. A remembrance agent records what a player has already explored and provides just-in-time support to him in a new scene. Unlike a tutor agent, the support provided to the player is the description of previous scenes which share similar knowledge of the current scene. The knowledge will not be demonstrated directly. By this way, the player is reminded of and encouraged to find solutions to current situations based on what he already learned. A remembrance agent has been realized in an educational game, The Chronicles of Singapura. The agent is designed using Goal Net design tool. The agent received good feedback from players.


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