Share Paper: The Effect of Animated Concept Maps on Knowledge Transfer

  1. Olusola Adesope, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  2. John Nesbit, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  3. Susan Olubunmi, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  4. Tolulope Adesope, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Wednesday, October 28 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Pavilion Ballroom C

Abstract: An animated concept map is a presentation of a diagram in which nodes and links are sequentially added or modified. A 2 X 2 factorial design was used to compare animated and static versions of text and concept map presentations. 140 participants were randomly assigned to study one of four learner-paced multimedia presentations featuring semantically equivalent information about the organization and function of the human nervous system. The four presentations were an animated concept-map, a static concept map, animated text, and static text. All presentations used the same audio narration. Both concept map groups outperformed the text groups on a ...