Share Paper: ICT integration in a “FutureSchool" in Singapore

  1. Wen Chee Chung, Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore
Tuesday, October 18 4:30 PM-5:00 PM Moloka'i

Abstract: Since 1997, Singapore has implemented a series of Info-communication Technology (ICT) Masterplans (MP). Now into its 3rd MP, FutureSchools (FS) have been selected to spearhead school-wide innovations. This study is located in FutureSchool ‘X’, an independent school that provides Secondary and Pre-University education. One of the FS goals is for teachers to use ICTs in their lessons to nurture students to be self-directed and deep learners. This is a qualitative study on how the teachers deal with this goal. The key findings indicate that teachers’ perspectives on how knowledge of their discipline should be learnt, frame their lesson designs. Such ...