Share Paper: Student Occupational Expectations: A Geolocative Study

  1. Jamie Smith, Ohio University, United States
  2. Ryan Straight, Ohio University, United States
  3. Teresa Franklin, Ohio University, United States
Tuesday, October 18 11:15-11:35 AM Kaua'i

Abstract: Expectation of future occupational achievement is a powerful determining factor of student self-perception. Likewise, location and socio-economic status influence both expectations and self-perception. The current study seeks to use an innovative web technology as a means of exploring these concepts using geolocated, self-reported and –recorded narratives from students in grades 6-8. This is compared to academic performance and socio-economical demographics by school under the theoretical grounding of social cognitive career theory. Future implications for study, the use of web technologies and crowdsourcing for this area of research are included.