Share Paper: Using Concept Maps to Learn Complex Material Online

  1. Ying Geng, Kent State University, United States
  2. Susan Miller, Kent State University, United States
  3. Robert Zheng, University of Utah, United States
  4. Aaron Dewald, University of Utah, United States
Tuesday, October 18 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Maui

Abstract: Our purpose was to test the effect of placement of concept maps on learning complex material online. Blocked by their scores on a test of spatial ability, college students were randomly assigned to one of three experimental conditions (map first, map last and no map). A 3 X 2 MANOVA was performed on two correlated dependent variables: recall and application. There were no main effects for either, but the interaction of treatment by spatial ability was statistically significant. For the dependent variable recall, students with high spatial ability outperformed students with lower spatial ability. For the dependent variable application of ...