Share Paper: A Social Based Language Learning for CALL Environment to Develop Japanese Students’ English Communication Skills

  1. Ibrahim Farouck, Otaru University of Commerce, Japan
Tuesday, October 18 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Lana'i

Abstract: Pre-college curricula, culture, and inadequate exposure to authentic communicative situations could be responsible for the difficulty in communicative English among Japanese college students. Additionally, Japan recognizes the TOEIC score as an authentic proof of English ability. These facts have encouraged Japanese universities to invest in CALL classrooms for CLT and drill-based TOEIC preparation without a clear pedagogy. This study proposes S-BaLL method that allows a blend of the drill-based TOEIC preparation and CLT to ensure authentic English communication. Students identify difficulties at the drill-based TOEIC preparation stage, and engage in group activities to solve the problems by turn-taking. An experiment ...