Share Paper: A Comparative Study on the Impact of Various Communication Tools on Student Learning, Motivation, Self-regulation, and Satisfaction

  1. Mahnaz Moallem, UNCW, United States
  2. Raymond Pastore, UNCW, United States
  3. Florence Martin, UNCW, United States
Tuesday, October 18 4:30 PM-5:00 PM Kaua'i

Abstract: The emergence of the newer web synchronous conferencing has provided the opportunity for high level of students to students and students instructor interaction in web-based learning environments. However, it is not clear whether absence or presence of synchronous or live interaction will affect the learning processes and outcomes to the same extent for all learners with various characteristics, or whether other factors that compensate for the absence of the live interaction can be identified and accounted for deeper learning processes and for higher quality of learning outcomes. The purpose of this presentation is to report the results of a study ...