Share Paper: E-learning & Higher Education: Strengths and Weaknesses from Students’ Perspective

  1. Neuza Pedro, Institute of Education_University of Lisbon, Portugal
Tuesday, October 18 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Kahuku

Abstract: This study reports valid inputs collected from the analysis of students’ point of view regarding the development and implementation of an e-learning program in a conservative face-to-face university. An empirical study based on semi-structured interviews developed with the students’ unions form 11 colleges was conducted. It was possible to perceive the students’ evaluation of the pertinence of the universities’ e-learning program, considering 4-domains of analysis: value and relevance of an e-learning program; identified potential of the e-learning program for the each faculty; positive and inhibit factors of the programs’ implementation process; strengths and weaknesses for the students.