Share Paper: ICT Application Skills and Linguistic Knowledge for Class Observation of Foreign Language Activities in Elementary Schools

  1. Mai Osawa, Toho University, Japan
  2. Hideki Sakai, Shinshu University, Japan
  3. Wataru Takahashi, Shinshu University, Japan
  4. Mitsunori Yatsuka, Shinshu University, Japan
Tuesday, October 18 10:00-10:20 AM O'ahu

Abstract: Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) revised the Course of Study for elementary schools in March 2008, and it was implemented in fiscal year 2011. It newly introduced “Foreign Language Activities” for grade five and grade six students at the elementary school level to enhance foreign language education. Elementary schools in Japan require the qualified teachers who can carry out “Foreign Language Activities” in all classrooms. We would like to share and discuss the necessity of understanding ICT application skills and linguistic knowledge to observe “Foreign Language Activities” in Elementary Schools for prospective teachers before their ...