Share Paper: Online Learner Competencies: Results of a Worldwide Validation Study

  1. Barbara Grabowski, Penn State University, United States
  2. Gila Kurtz, The Center for Academic Studies, Israel
  3. Insung Jung, International Christian University, Japan
  4. Michael Beaudoin, University of New England, United States
  5. Katsuaki Suzuki, Kumamoto University, Japan
Tuesday, October 18 10:00-10:30 AM Lana'i

Abstract: Several researchers argue that online learners should develop certain knowledge, experience, abilities and attitudes (or competencies) to gain the greatest benefit from their online studies and achieve high performance. The ibstpi Directors add to this discussion by specifying critical online learner competencies, following a rigorous research process. Fourteen competencies were clustered into three domains: personal, learning, and interaction, and further specified by 89 performance statements. Over 11 months, worldwide validation data were collected on the criticality of this set of competencies and performance statements. High reliability coefficients speak to the quality of the constructed set. Rank ordering of these competencies ...