Tuesday, October 9
2:45 PM-3:05 PM
Salon 1

Developing narrative modules that foster critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning using a Drupal-based framework

Best Practices Session ID: 37368
  1. aaa
    Rémi Rousseau
    University of Ottawa, Centre for e-Learning
  2. aaa
    Emmanuel Cadet
    University of Ottawa, Centre for e-Learning
  3. aaa
    Richard Pinet
    University of Ottawa, Centre for e-Learning
  4. aaa
    Steve Rokeby
    University of Ottawa, Centre for e-Learning
  5. Pippa Hall
    Division of Palliative Medicine, University of Ottawa
  6. Susan Brajtman
    School of Nursing, University of Ottawa
  7. Enkenyelesh Bekele
    Palliative Care Education & Research, Élizabeth Bruyère Research Institute, Ottawa
  8. Lynda Weaver
    Bruyère Continuing Care, Ottawa

Abstract: Following the success of the award-winning Total Pain module (Hall &al. 2009) developed on sound androgogical and social networking principles to emphasize inter-professional (IP) learning, the project was brought to the Centre for e-Learning at the University of Ottawa with a request to create a re-usable template based on the unique work. The module’s structure has been parsed out into a framework, ready for others to populate with their own narrative-based learning material- best suited for inter-professional /interdisciplinary education. The features of this interactive Drupal-based framework allows an educator, even with little technical skills, the ability to build their own modules and use those stories in different learning scenarios. The template may be of value for any disciplines, as it is flexible and offers customization options in storytelling, content access and collaboration; all of which, in the end, can either create a very simple or very complex learning resource.

Presider: Christa Wilkin, California State University


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