Share Paper: Designing To Engage: Design Principles For Blended Learning Communities In Higher Education

  1. Emily Sheepy, Concordia University, Canada
  2. Stefan Krueger, Concordia University, Canada
  3. Haritos Kavallos, Concordia University, Canada
Wednesday, October 10 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Salle de Bal Est

Abstract: This roundtable discussion will use case studies and implementation examples to guide discussion of the design implications of various theoretical perspectives on the development of online communities to support students in higher education. The presenters will share their experiences translating design principles into practice for the development of a student community strategically aligned with the objectives of a Canadian graduate program in Educational Technology. Models to be addressed include the Communities of Practice model, Porter's model of user trajectories in online communities, Kim's model of membership cycles in online communities, and the application of Universal Design principles for learning communities.