Tuesday, October 9
4:30 PM-5:00 PM
Salon Jarry

Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Third-Year Medical Clerkships

Full Paper ID: 37763
  1. aaa
    Janette Hill
    The University of Georgia
  2. Michelle Nuss
    GHSU-UGA Medical Partnership
  3. Bruce Middendorf
    St Mary's Hospital
  4. Ronald Cervero
    University of Georgia
  5. Julie Gaines
    GHSU-UGA Medical Partnership

Abstract: Third year clerkships are one of the most exciting and challenging times in the education of medical students. One of the challenges students and their supervising doctors face is a challenge faced in many educational settings: how to get just-in-time information and resources, and in this context, to assist with evidence-based decision-making at point of care. iPads have gained wide-spread attention in the medical field as the next most promising tool to assist medical professionals in decision-making. The purpose of this exploratory study is to understand how mobile technology supports physicians’ and medical students’ learning and professional practice. Initial results indicate that the faculty and students are benefitting from the use of the iPads during the third year clerkship, and helps to support Marceglia et al. (2012) in their assessment that the iPad may help change healthcare.

Presider: Fawzi Ben, IU


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