Share Paper: Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Third-Year Medical Clerkships

  1. Janette Hill, The University of Georgia, United States
  2. Michelle Nuss, GHSU-UGA Medical Partnership, United States
  3. Bruce Middendorf, St Mary's Hospital, United States
  4. Ronald Cervero, University of Georgia, United States
  5. Julie Gaines, GHSU-UGA Medical Partnership, United States
Tuesday, October 9 4:30 PM-5:00 PM Salon Jarry

Abstract: Third year clerkships are one of the most exciting and challenging times in the education of medical students. One of the challenges students and their supervising doctors face is a challenge faced in many educational settings: how to get just-in-time information and resources, and in this context, to assist with evidence-based decision-making at point of care. iPads have gained wide-spread attention in the medical field as the next most promising tool to assist medical professionals in decision-making. The purpose of this exploratory study is to understand how mobile technology supports physicians’ and medical students’ learning and professional practice. Initial results ...