Share Paper: Measuring the Organizational Benefit of e-Learning

  1. Erlan Burk, Park University, United States
Wednesday, October 23 11:35-11:55 AM Versailles 3

Abstract: Overall success of e-learning rests on four pillars: (1) the classroom environment, (2) student learning experience, (3) human capital investment, and (4) sponsoring organization benefit This four-pillar model provides an approach to measure the success of all pillars and may be used for any type of e-learning, such as online classes, corporate education, professional recertification, and public policy dissemination. Accepted techniques and theory in the model include Kirkpatrick training evaluation, Bloom’s theory of learning, organizational behavior theory by Dervitsiotis, human capital theory by Becker and Schultz, along with focus group theory by Kruger. Example results using the model for an ...