Share Paper: Global Collaboration for 21st. Century Educators

  1. Terry Mullins, Concord University, United States
  2. Anita Reynolds, Concord University, United States
  3. Mark Angle, Concord University, United States
  4. Greg Neal, Victoria University, Australia
Wednesday, October 23 3:25-3:45 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 6

Abstract: Collaborative teaching and learning play an important role in the framework for a 21st Century education. Students in undergraduate education courses at an American university and an Australian university collaborate to compare and contrast their education programs. Also, the two groups examine the differences in diversity, teaching methods, and assessment practices. Students in the two-university collaboration utilize a variety of e-learn opportunities to communicate and cooperate. Using international email, Voice Thread, Google Tools, Skype, and wikis, students discussed, compared and even created aggregate presentations as they analyze the educational systems of the two countries. As a capstone, students at the ...