Share Paper: The Power of Collaboration: Second Life Faculty Members and Support Personnel Share Facilities, Ideas, and Research

  1. Patricia Anderson, East Carolina University, United States
  2. Maureen Ellis, East Carolina University, United States
  3. Sharon Kibbe, East Carolina University, United States
Thursday, October 24 11:35-11:55 AM Versailles 1

Abstract: Steeped in the Constructivist Theory, the Second Life environment offers prospects for new types of collaborative and participative teaching, learning, and research. Two faculty members and a support person work together to share teaching strategies, learning opportunities for students and for themselves, and research projects while sharing a unique space in the Second Life environment. Working with a mixture of several different content areas and courses, the faculty members deliver instruction and lead learning for students in the same Second Life space, designed and maintained by Second Life campus experts. Listening to the "story" of this collaborative work will stir ...