Share Paper: Streaming Media for Each Student in Every Class: Interdepartmental Best Practices for Accessible, Legal, Affordable, and Effective Video Delivery to Online Students

  1. Pat Artz, Bellevue University, United States
  2. Robin Bernstein, Bellevue University, United States
  3. Paul Arithi, Bellevue University, United States
Tuesday, October 22 11:35-11:55 AM Versailles 4

Abstract: Trial and error can be expensive, especially with streaming media for online classes. Copyright laws are dauntingly complex, accessibility laws demand compliance, film rights can be expensive, effective pedagogy often lags behind available technologies, and universal design is unfamiliar ground for many educators. Fortunately, after many false starts and wrong turns, we have overcome many of these hurdles and are hitting our stride with best practices for streaming media in our online classes. Our interdepartmental team of Librarians, Professors, and Disability Services personnel has collaborated to embed videos in a set of our online courses in our General Education Core. ...