Share Paper: Right Here, Right Now, Online: Using Synchronous Tools to Teach Business Subjects to Students Learning in a Second Language

  1. Mark Curcher, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Finland
  2. Geoffrey Said, Higher Colleges of Technology - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Thursday, October 24 11:55 AM-12:15 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 6

Abstract: Abstract: This case study examines the implementation of synchronous online classes in a virtual classroom environment for bachelors’ students studying in a second language at a college in the Middle East. As the institution has adopted blended models of delivery there has been a shift to mostly asynchronous online resources and activities, supported by lessons. Due to a variety of drivers, the authors have found it necessary to move away from face to face classes to live online sessions with remote students. This case examines the drivers for change, the practical challenges of implementation, how these were overcome and the ...