Share Paper: Interpersonal Consulting Skills: Developing Effective Relationships with Online Faculty - A multiple case study

  1. Peter van Leusen, Indiana University, Bloomington, United States
  2. Mark Millard, University of Wisconsin - Madison, United States
Tuesday, October 22 4:30 PM-5:00 PM Champagne 2

Abstract: Building a collaborative and trust-based relationship with online faculty and instructors is one of the most important attributes of effective Instructional Technology Consultants (ITC) in order to establish, maintain, and improve a successful online program. Utilizing a multiple case study research design, four experienced ITCs at a large urban research university located in the Midwest showed that interpersonal consulting skills are crucial when collaborating with faculty on online course design and teaching. By applying interpersonal skills, ITCs developed trust-based relationships with faculty and generated an atmosphere conducive to change. While research on interpersonal skills is limited in the field of ...