Share Paper: 26ers: A Webapp for Early Readers

  1. Derek Schwartz, University of Minnesota - Learning Technologies, United States
  2. Kacie Kline, University of Minnesota - Learnign Technologies, United States
Wednesday, October 23 5:30 PM-7:00 PM Pacific Ballroom

Abstract: 26ers enables learners to make stronger connections between the abstracted world of text and the physical world around them. The premise is that each letter of the alphabet has a “story” to tell, and the learner can help that story get told. Learners would find story elements in the world around them, correlated with each letter of the alphabet, and write a short sentence about it, take a captioned picture of that item, or record a short (~15 sec) video clip. As a culminating activity, the “storymaster” (i.e., teacher) could randomize the collection and playback a letter from each learner, ...