Share Paper: Digital Solidarity in Education: Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Academic Excellence through Innovative Instructional Programs

  1. Mary Kolesinski, Nova Southeastern University, United States
  2. Evelyn Nelson-Weaver, Nova Southeastern University, United States
  3. Daryl Diamond, Broward County Schools, United States
Thursday, October 24 11:15 AM-12:15 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 5

Abstract: With current research (Smith, 2010) indicating that we are moving from a digital divide to digital solidarity, it is imperative that schools prioritize the engagement and mobilization of students from diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic, and economic backgrounds with giftedness and/or disabilities to utilize and apply technologies so that they can compete academically with their global counterparts. Educators need to be aware of and advocate for new innovative instructional programs, including virtual schools, e-tutoring, and interactive online communities for K-12 students that effectively use technological tools while making appropriate linguistic, academic, and financial accommodations so that ALL students can experience equity ...