Share Paper: An Online Self-Paced Faculty Development Program in Information Literacy

  1. Brenda Stutsky, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine, Canada
  2. Judith Littleford, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine, Canada
  3. Tania Gottschalk, University of Manitoba, Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library, Canada
Wednesday, October 23 4:00-4:20 PM Champagne 2

Abstract: The purpose of the project was to build an online Learning Commons for health sciences faculty to promote skill development in information literacy. Armed with practical tools for approaching the vast amount of healthcare literature in an organized, efficient manner, it was believed that faculty would be in a better position to address their own continuing professional development needs, mentor and teach students, and ultimately improve patient care. The Learning Commons was developed by a dedicated interprofessional group including health librarians, a physician, and a nurse/technology specialist. Many skills were learned, and numerous steps were undertaken in the development of ...