Share Paper: Designing Better Visual Displays to Evoke Emotions for Online Instruction

  1. Yu-Ping Hsu, Educational Technology at University of Kansas, United States
  2. Kuang-Chen Hsu, Educational Technology at University of Kansas e-Learning Design Lab at KU University of Kansas Unit, United States
Thursday, October 24 11:35-11:55 AM Versailles 4

Abstract: This study includes Norman’s (2001) emotional design theory and is combined Brown and Collins’s (1989) situated cognitive theory as well as Kosslyn (1980) and Bertin’s (1981) graphic design theory (sub-context design) to develop the different design of visual display on the online lesson and achieve the goal Norman’s emotional design theory. Even after eliminating the cultural implications, an effective design will include functionality, understandability, usability, and affect. This study provides an overview description regarding the connections between emotions, learning development and online instructional design and outlines future work.