Share Paper: Adaptive Instructional Design using High Level Activities Net

  1. Isabel Dillmann Nunes, UFCG, Brazil
  2. Ulrich Schiel, UFCG, Brazil
Thursday, October 24 11:15-11:35 AM Las Vegas Ballroom 2

Abstract: Planning and application of sequencing of activities are tasks performed during the Instructional Design, essential in a distance course. This paper presents a net structure for designing and controlling such processes. The structure is an adaptation of Colored Petri Nets, called High Level Activities Net (HLAN). A High Level Activities Net assists Instructional Design allowing the modeling of activities and its functional interdependencies. Using results from research on Petri Nets one can determine if an HLAN is well-formed or not. Furthermore, some situations can occur which deviates from the conventional course of activities such as activities that do not need ...