Share Paper: Does a Pedagogical Agent’s Gender Impact Learner’s Perceptive Responses in a Learner-Attenuated System-Paced Learning Environment?

  1. Noah Schroeder, Washington State University, United States
  2. Olusola Adesope, Washington State University, United States

Abstract: Pedagogical agents are visible characters within multimedia learning environments. Previous research has utilized pedagogical agents in system-paced and learner-paced environments. Yet, some computer programs accessible to teachers create learning environments which do not clearly align with either of these conditions. The purpose of this study was to investigate how manipulating the gender of a pedagogical agent in a learner-attenuated system-paced learning environment can affect a learner’s perceptive responses. The findings showed that learner’s responded similarly to both the female and male agents, with no significant advantage to either gender. The implications of these findings are briefly discussed.