Share Paper: Best practice in designing an adaptable and extendable online course

  1. Ying Ying Kuo, George Mason University, United States
  2. Larry Tang, George Mason University, United States
Tuesday, October 22 3:25-3:45 PM Versailles 2

Abstract: The best practice in designing and developing a fully online course involves the considerations of adaptivity and extendability. This statistics course is designed with a well-organized structure so instructors will be able to flexibly adjust or extend content materials for different credit requirements without re-designing the course in the future. The adaptive learning environment also highlights student-centered navigation and student-control process. Students who may have various levels of statistics knowledge and experience can adjust their study on their paces. The design also provides active content delivery in multimedia formats by using most emerging technologies, including Camtasia Studio 8, Captivate 6, ...