Share Paper: Demonstrating Sustainability Literacy: Using Hapyak in Hybrid Course

  1. Annie Warren, Arizona State University , United States
  2. Leanna Archambault , Arizona State University , United States
  3. Kyle Morton , Hapyak , United States
  4. Victor Nevarez , Arizona State University , United States
Tuesday, October 22 11:15-11:35 AM Versailles 3

Abstract: This paper describes Sustainability Science for Teachers, a hybrid course at a major research-extensive university in the desert southwest that integrates the use of innovative technology to teach related concepts in a meaningful way. The use of a video annotation software called Hapyak was deployed in an alpha test during the 2013 summer with a small cohort of students. Hapyak allows our designers, educators, and experts to overlay key commentary, drawings, and real time assessment in our video content. An important benefit of this tool is the affordances it offers of evaluating learning in relationship to content.