Share Paper: E-Learning based Guide to Business Process Management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – An Open Online Course of the Virtual University of Bavaria for Continuing Education

  1. Freimut Bodendorf, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Wednesday, October 23 3:25-3:45 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 1

Abstract: The BPM@KMU course offered by the Virtual University of Bavaria aims at supporting the implementation of BPM at SMEs by providing an E-Learning based guide. The project was funded by the European Social Fund. Each of 9 modules includes short lecture-on-demand-packages (LODs) giving a concise video-based introduction. After presenting the theoretical basics and going into specific methods used for BPM, practical use cases are provided to stimulate participants to apply and deepen the learned methods. A cloud-based software environment, developed during the project and called “BPM-Lab”, enables participants to use common BPM tools collaboratively and without installation or license issues. ...