Share Paper: Students', Faculty Assistants' and Professors' Perceptions on How to Succeed in Online Courses

  1. Mona Engvig, University of Maryland University College, United States
Tuesday, October 22 1:30 PM-2:00 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 5

Abstract: This study focuses on perceived factors for online students' success. The study used the online survey program SurveyMonkey to survey students, faculty assistants, and faculty in the online AMBA program at University of Maryland. The total number of subjects was 76: 47 students, 14 FAs, and 15 professors. Each group answered ten questions; some multiple choice; others open-ended. The main finding was that time management is key to students' success in online programs. A sub-set of questions solicited advice for online professors. The key advice for this group was to be clearer about their expectations. Other interesting findings were that ...