Share Paper: Using Problem-Based Learning to Engage Students in the Online Environment

  1. Liz Romero, George Brown College, Canada
  2. Agnes Orzechowski, George Brown College, Canada
  3. Ola Rahatka, George Brown College, Canada
Tuesday, October 22 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Las Vegas Ballroom 5

Abstract: Online learning continues to be centered on the teacher (Dunlap, Sobel, & Sands, 2007). However, the availability of technological tools is promoting a shift toward more student-centered instruction. This article describes the implementation of a Problem-Based Learning model and the technological tool used to meet the expectations of the model as well as the needs of the students. The end product is a hybrid course with eight weekly components; the main component offers information about the problem to be solved, including the context of the problem. In the following components students are exposed to content and activities related to the ...