Share Paper: Immediate Effects of Mobile Photo Note-taking in English Vocabulary Learning

  1. Yayoi Anzai, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan
  2. Mariko Funada, Hakuoh University, Japan
  3. Kanji Akahori, Hakuoh University, Japan
Tuesday, October 22 10:20-10:40 AM Las Vegas Ballroom 4

Abstract: Mobile photo-note taking has become a popular note-taking style in recent years at conferences and at schools. Since the users are quickly shifting from cellphones to smartphones, mobile phones have become literally small computers, and the camera function of the mobile phone is handy to use. However there are not many studies in relation to mobile photo note-taking and its effects on learning, EFL vocabulary learning in particular. This is a series of studies which has been exploring the potential of mobile photo-note taking. This study focuses on the immediate effects. Furthermore, the study provides exploratory analyses combining the data ...