Share Paper: Student Teachers Lesson Ideas with ICT in Elementary Schools Before Their Student Teaching

  1. Mai Osawa, Toho University, Japan
  2. Mitsunori Yatsuka, Shinshu University, Japan
Wednesday, October 23 4:40 PM-5:00 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 5

Abstract: Prospective teachers take some courses on technology integration into classrooms in advance of and after their student teaching in the teacher preparation programs. When they were elementary and secondary school students, there were few devices such as interactive whiteboards, overhead cameras, and tablet PCs. They have less experience to use technology as students, which may cause them to have poor ideas to integrate technology into classrooms as student teachers. We surveyed students who will do their student teaching in an elementary school where they are expected to teach with ICT. When we analyzed their responses, we found that they fell ...