Organizing the Course Layout within a Course Management System through Element, Grouping, and Ordering Structures

ID: 40517 Type: Best Practices Session
  1. Joanne Beriswill, Mississippi State University, United States

Thursday, October 24 10:40 AM-11:00 AM Location: Versailles 4 View on map

Presider: Pamella Seay, Florida Gulf Coast University, United States

Abstract: Organizing a course layout within a Course Management System (CMS) can be a daunting task. This best practices session provides a plethora of examples for determining the element, grouping, and ordering structures for a course. Element structures addressed include topical, temporal, procedural, theoretical, assignment-based, task-based, or tool-based. Since most courses contain a combination of element structures that have to be aligned, this presentation contains strategies for grouping multiple element structures. There are four main types of grouping structures: flat structure, simple grouping, multiple-level grouping, and matrix grouping. After the element and grouping structures are considered, the final step is to determine the order. This presentation describes ordering structures, based on alphabetical order, relationships, and frequency of use. Guidelines provided also will address the optimal levels of organization.


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