Share Paper: True Implementation of Technology in Language Teaching through Peer-learning?

  1. Laura Pihkala-Posti, University of Tampere, United States
  2. Mikael Eijo Uusi-Mäkelä, University of Tampere, Finland
  3. Jarmo Viteli, University of Tampere, Finland
  4. Mika Mustikkamäki, University of Tampere, Finland
Tuesday, October 22 11:55 AM-12:15 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 4

Abstract: In this paper, we present our approach to integrating technology into language teaching in Finnish upper secondary schools. The approach was developed in our ongoing two-year project that aims to promote the adoption of technology at schools through peer-learning, i.e. teacher-researchers facilitating the integration of technology into everyday tools of practitioners. We locate this study in the field of design-based research that employs cyclical interventions to improve both practice and theory. The material was gathered from multiple sources such as a project wiki and interviews of the teachers. The analysis suggests that teachers benefit from peer support and that it ...