Using Integrated Multimedia Learning in Cyber-Classrooms: Transforming “Dull Economics” into “Fun” Economics”

ID: 40626 Type: Virtual Brief Paper
  1. Barbara Son, DeVry University Online, United States
  2. Mark Simonian, California State University at Los Angeles, United States

Abstract: At DeVry Online, as the Economic Subject Matter Exert, the lead author has designed an Integrated Interactive Learning Model with an emphasis on an engaging multimedia delivery and appealing “fun” approaches and examples to enliven what otherwise may be dull, dreadful economic learning to students. With the dramatic expansion of media and information technology in modern society, college students are more predisposed to and comfortable with e-learning technology, especially multimedia learning tools. Yet, busy working students can feel overwhelmed if those learning tools, even if attractive, are inordinately time consuming. Therefore, an innovative customized e-learning model is vital to appeal to all learning styles. We have addressed key issues in developing and implementing the innovative e-learning models at the previous AACE Conferences (Son & Wambalaba, 2008, Son & Goldstone, 2010, Son & Goldstone, 2011, Son & Goldstone, 2012). At the current Conference, using economics as the


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