Share Paper: E-Learning with the support of the BEDARF-Tool – A Potential Analysis Tool for Blended-Learning Scenarios in the Field of Vocational and Career Orientation

  1. Rasmus Pechuel, Ingenious Knowledge, Germany
  2. Marc Beutner, University Paderborn, Germany
Tuesday, October 22 1:50 PM-2:10 PM Las Vegas Ballroom 4

Abstract: This paper is a report on the BEDARF-tool for potential analysis in vocational and career orientation. The authors designed a new type of tool to combine individual coaching with effective e-learning. The tool is created for use in blended learning scenarios. In a study the developed tool was tested with a group of 20 long-term unemployed to integrate them into the labor market. In this article the results of this study are provided after a description of the main elements of the tool.