Share Paper: Best Practices: How Using Student Perceptions for the Instructional Redesign of Online Learning Components Enhances Learning

  1. Shannon Cooper, Indiana University, United States
  2. Hayley Mayall, Northern Illinois University, United States
  3. Matthew Holley, Indiana University, United States
  4. Scott Renshaw, Indiana University, United States
  5. Daniel Felix, Indiana University, United States
Monday, November 14 1:50 PM-2:10 PM Edison F

Abstract: In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate how formative evaluations can be used to redesign learning experiences to enhance learning outcomes in an online medical education environment. Additionally, we will discuss the learner-centered continuous improvement approach used in this project in which student feedback directly influenced the modification, redesign, and future implications of these virtual patient experiences. At the time of the presentation, we will present data from an 8-month pilot program, with a total N of approximately 200 students, has been used to enhance and modify the online curricular components during the 2015-2016 academic year.