Share Paper: A Practical Effort to Improve ICT Competency by Compulsory ICT Use in Teaching Practice

  1. Takeshi Morishita, Shinshu University, Japan
  2. Yoshiaki Fujii, Kamo Elementary School, Japan
  3. Mitsunori Yatsuka, Shinshu University, Japan
  4. Yoshinori Higashibara, Shinshu University, Japan
Monday, November 14 11:15-11:35 AM Edison F

Abstract: At the Shinshu University Faculty of Education, student teachers are required to use ICT equipment in classes during their student teaching practicum. We surveyed and analyzed the change in ICT competency before and after teaching practice. Two abilities were improved dramatically, which were the Ability to Use ICT in Researching, Preparing, and Assessing Teaching Materials and the Ability to Use ICT when Teaching in the Classroom. In particular, the students just before teaching practice did not extend at all to the average value of the Japanese in-service teachers in March 2007. However, after teaching practice, it was higher than the ...