Share Paper: First Monitoring Results of the “Tutti a Iscol@” Project - A Technology Based Intervention to Keep Difficult-to-Motivate Pupils in the School Mainstream System

  1. Carola Salis, CRS4, Italy
  2. Marie Florence Wilson, CRS4, Italy
  3. Fabrizio Murgia, CRS4, Italy
  4. Stefano Leone Monni, CRS4, Italy
  5. Giuliana Brunetti, CRS4, Italy
  6. Andrea Mameli, CRS4, Italy
  7. Franco Atzori, CRS4, Italy
Monday, November 14 4:00-4:20 PM Edison F

Abstract: This paper is a report on the first year activity of the 3-year program financed by the Sardinian Regional Authorities (RAS) through European Social Fund: POR FSE 2014-2020 approved by the European Commission (EC) on 17th December 2014. The program, named “Tutti a Iscol@” (meaning “everyone at school”) has among its objectives to tackle the problem of early school leaving. The program unfolds along three lines of action (Line A, B and C). In this paper we shall concentrate on Line B which deals with the aspects of inclusive schools through the use of ICT into the didactic approach. Description ...